Booking Calendar Studio A & B

Booking Calendar Studio A & B

Peter Boonstra

STUDIO A, €99 p/d -ex VAT

A reference room with real-time room correction; a Hybrid Mixing and Master suite with industry standards in place.

High- end speaker systems by “Van Medevoort”(Full Range) and “Amphion”(Near Field); interfacing by Apogee, Antelope and Rosendahl. Customized summing, mixing and mastering tools based on Telefunken, Elysia, BuzzAudio, Pendulum Audio and DIYR technology. A fully treated room, with an excellent response.

Studio compute and software; a Mac Pro is available with a full range of DAW’s and PlugIns , or you can bring your own Mac or PC. But you can also simply transfer your project for further editing and sweetening; through exporting your project into separate WAV files for each individual track.

STUDIO B €49 p/d -ex VAT

A creative room with real-time room correction; a Digital Mixing and Master suite with a good install- base. Also big screen projection and animation facilities are available for project mapping and 3D/VR work.

Based on the same acoustic principles as studio “A”, this room is having a different vibe; speaker systems are based on the Hans Baan (HB1) transmission line(Full Range), the nearfields are by DynAudio (BM15A). The “Mono” recipe is known, same as in “A”: “Avantone”. Interfacing is by ” Schiit Audio”.

Studio compute and Software; you need to bring your own Mac or PC.

The booking approval and ID will include our Terms and Conditions to be signed in return; key services and studio logistics are included on the proposed date and time of the booking. A pre- visit/guided tour before any booking is possible on request.

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