Peter Boonstra

Upload / Download: upload your mix and download your master. Send your mix and receive your master as a full download for further distribution. Check out the procedure below. Free Mix Check: Mastering is the final quality check before your music is released. You can get a free mix check and optimize your sound even before the mastering process. Check out the procedure below.


Equalizing: I’ll correct and add color to the frequency spectrum, using analog solid state and High-End equalizers. I’ll achieve the right balance and consistency across different tracks in the same project.

Stereo Optimizing: I’ll correct and optimize the stereo image if necessary,  and use digital M/S technology to improve the sound in all parts of the perspective.

Harmonic Enhancements: using high end analog equipment, I can bring forward harmonic frequencies to make the music more alive. This is useful for digital mixes lacking natural warmth and depth.

Dynamic Treatment: I’ll manipulate the dynamics to get more punch and fullness in the sound. To create coherence between the individual instruments in the mix and bring out hidden details by means of analog and advanced digital compression.

Transparent and Effective Volume Increase: Final levels range from super dynamic to super loud; always clean and punchy – never squashed. With multiple tracks, I’ll create a consistent listening experience in terms of loudness.

Editing and Album Sequencing: Fades, transitions, and other editing. I can sequence the tracks and add musical spacing between the tracks to make your album come together.

MP3 Conversion and ISRC ID3: High quality MP3 conversion with ISRC embedded in the ID3 tag. This is useful for radio stations and for identification purposes.

Mixing Tips for Mastering

File Format: Stereo WAV or AIFF is preferred, 2 track or stems

Resolution: 24 or 32 bits, no noise shaping or colored dither.

Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz or higher. Do not convert the sample rate of the final mix yourself.

Headroom: the mix should peak somewhere between -12 and -3 dBFS, i.e., you should have between 12 and 3 dB of headroom before the mix overloads.

Plug-ins On the Master Bus: if you are using plug-ins on the master bus then please make one version with, and one without, plug-ins. Limiting or clipping the master bus should always be avoided.

Fades: do not fade out the file yourself but tell me where the fade should begin and end. Make sure you include the whole of the start and the end of the song when exporting.

Procedure for Online Mastering

Send an email to and get your secure upload account; upload your song to our drop box, once checked you will receive a download link to the mastered song(s). After approving the master, you can pay me.

Turnaround: the average delivery time is 7 to 10 days. Small projects or singles can often get express mastering service at no extra charge.

Download: choose download delivery for individual tracks,  it is possible to download a whole album or single with ISRC as a single download.

ISRC – International Standard Recording Code: if your music is to be sold on iTunes, you need ISRC. If your music is being played on the radio, ISRC is an advantage for identification purposes. You get the first part of the ISRC by contacting your local department of IFPI. The full code consists of the items below, which means that each song has its own unique ISRC for later identification: US-ABC-10-001-01 (country-record label-year of registration-release-track)

Gracenote Database: if you want iTunes and similar software to show the correct title and track names automatically, you need to submit your tracks to Gracenote. You can read more about how to submit your tracks to the Gracenote Database.

Mastering for Itunes: Apple introduced the news quietly, and it was received mostly as a behind-the-scenes tech development — I noticed a long piece about the development in Ars Technica before I saw the banner ad in the iTunes store — but it says a lot, I think, about the company’s understanding of what listeners want from their digital audio files. I do mastering for Itunes Too.EM9o7_APPLE_ITUNES